Erika’s Featured Pearl Businesses

Bodywise Physical Therapy

Bodywise Physical Therapy was established by Megan Moseley PT, LMT in 1995. What started as a one room office in the Downtown Athletic Club in Eugene, Oregon has evolved into a thriving practice with two locations in Portland, Oregon. While our specialties have always included general orthopedics, spine rehabilitation, and sports medicine, Bodywise has evolved onto a truly wholistic practice integrating Hands-on treatments with Mindfulness, Pilates, Trauma Release Exercise, Women’s Health and Lymphedema.

Can Font

I am so impressed with Can Font. It helps that it is literally across the street from my condo too! We are blessed to have a Michelin acknowledged restaurant open shop in our city. The food is made with the best ingredients and really is so special. The atmosphere is also top notch as there is ample room between the tables to enjoy enough privacy to talk and relax with your friends.

Little Bean

Chickpeas? Really?! Little Bean is based entirely on the non-dairy, gluten-free, soy-free, nut-free, non-GMO, sustainably - produced, environmentally-friendly chickpea. So, as more people are having issues with food—allergies, GMOs, environmental sustainability — Little Bean has only one issue—picking your favorite flavor.

The Armory

One of the largest blessings of living in the Pearl is the access to community resources like The Armory. We are so lucky to have this gem within blocks of us. Last Spring I went to a weekend of creative talks to get inspired. This is the lifestyle that is the benefit you learn to use all the time living in the Pearl. Urban living is about learning and experiencing things all day long!


Pregame is where I go to fine tune my business skills and run ideas by other business owners to professionals working on their visions. It is a place that keeps me in line with my goals. If you need a platform to launch a business, jumpstart an idea that you have in an existing business or work on personal goals ....this is the place!

Pearl Pilates

Pearl Pilates Studio offers two distinct, yet complementary, systems of exercise – Pilates & GYROTONIC®. Both systems seek to balance and align the body uniformly with controlled movements and synchronized breathing making them not only really effective forms of exercise, but a mind/body experience.