About Erika Wrenn- Principal Broker



A calling built on love for the city

As a fourth generation Portlander, I fell in love with the city’s eccentricities even before popular areas like Pearl District and South Waterfront were born. To me, the Pearl District has evolved from a place where I watched punk bands practice in deserted warehouses to the center of my community. Today I call the Bridgeport Condominiums home and have made a career of of my passion for the neighborhood. I have found meaning within the simplicity of the urban lifestyle and a new kind of space has opened up for me that’s made room for professional and personal substance.

The statistics might consistently rank me among the top real estate brokers in the downtown zip codes but the traditional form of “selling” isn’t what drives my daily work. I want to show others what I’ve found within Portland’s urban core. If I made my job about selling square-footage or bathrooms, I’d have been long gone by now. It is the hidden benefits that need translation.

In truth, I have always been in some form of real estate or another. I was trained in social work in college leading to advocating for the housing needs of teen mothers. Not only did this job teach me compassion for others, it was a training ground for connecting people to better lives — which to me is the ultimate job of a real estate broker.

Then just as the Pearl District was on the cusp of taking shape I began my career in real estate sales, selling the largest condo conversion on Portland’s waterfront. This helped me understand the process of urban development and sparked my interest in the future of urban living.

Ready to strike out on my own I began working as an independent real estate broker at Windermere in NW Portland. This is where I began to shape the unique style I’ve taken on today as an urban real estate broker.

Twelve years ago I made the move to (w)here Real Estate — a boutique real estate agency where I can access support but have the freedom to operate in my own unique way. What does that mean? It means I focus on the quality of my work, and the impact I have on those clients wanting a new lifestyle or explore the heart of Portland.