Illuminating the heart of urban Portland

I have immersed myself in the neighborhoods where many of my clients want to be — truly living the urban lifestyle. My typical day involves waking up early in my Pearl District condo and diving into the work of a Portland real estate agent after some quiet reflection that helps direct my day.

You then might spot me walking my dog, Indie, through the streets of the Pearl, stopping to sniff out new friends along the way. We might even swing by the dog clean up station on the Kearney walkway Indie sponsored to make sure it’s fulfilling its job helping other Pearl pooches.

About mid-day its nap-time for Indie and my time to get out into the world. This typically involves meeting with friends, clients and colleagues — helping them attain their unique goals or work through challenges.

I adjust my day if someone wants to see a Portland condo, townhome or house. I probably spend some phone time negotiating a transaction on behalf of my clients, or helping my sellers work through the myriad of offers in which they have been presented.

After work I hit a Pilates orMy favorite exercise GyrotonicsTM class or I may just be in the mood to soak up more of Portland’s energy through walking its streets. At the end of the business day, I might stumble into one of Portland’s up-and-coming hot spots where I can indulge in Portland’s delectable cuisine.

As I close out my day I reflect on my beginnings. A life change, like many of my clients experience, brought me to the Pearl District. Beyond realizing that I no longer needed the extra space after my son, Soren, went to college, I slowly began to adopt the urban mindset. I now live in my second condo and am fully a part of this wonderful way of living.

Today I am grateful that I live and work in Portland’s urban core and that I am in the business of introducing you to a new urban lifestyle. Consider me your tour guide to simplicity, community and connectivity.